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Installation, License & Requirement

a. How To Install Click2Wasap™ Plugin

  1. Download Click2Wasap™ Plugin.
  2. Upload your plugin.
  3. Install Click2Wasap plugin.
  • You can refer full tutorial here

b. How To Get My License Key

  • Login to your dashboard > My WhatsApp > License
    Or you can click here

c. What are the system requirements to run the system ?

  • Click2Wasap Dasboard – it works on all devices (Web Base)
  • Active WhatsApp 24 Hours. (Don’t turn off the phone)

Setting and Configuration

a. Setup and Configuration

Click Button below for full tutorial video

b. How to Send with Name

if you want send with name you have to use Import/“Import from files” option,

(Export Exel to ‘CSV-MS DOC’ Format in this case left column should be name right should be number)

you can follow step by step at tutorial here


Can I Change My WhatsApp Number Anytime ?

Yes! You can. You can change to another number at dashboard and scan a new QR Code.
You can refer here.

How many message I can send?

  • If your number is Old With WhatsApp you can still Send 50-300-500 Transactional message at once to  your customers (who not report you as spam!! or block you on wahatsapp (20-30 blocks or reported as spam may cause your WhatsApp Number get Ban on WhatsApp 
  • You can still unban your number by sending mail to WhatsApp support Just Search You Tube How to Unban WhatsApp Number

f. WhatsApp Not Connecting After Scan

  • Make sure you press F5 Key after scan
  • Disable all other chrome extension



  • We Don’t Recommend you to send BIG BULK through any whatsapp software Due to WhatsApp Algorithm
  • If you are Trying to send Bulk, WARNING! Don’t Use Important Number!  and Never use newly activated numbers for sending bulk if you realy want to send bulk promotion to your customer Buy New sim use 7-30 Days normally  by sending Hi, Hello Good morning message, to your contacts  and Joining some whats app group
  • Respect Users Privacy! Send Only Relative Message if they are interested
  • Connect WhatsApp numbers which already >30 days old or has been used as human normal activities such as reply chats, save contact, join group, send photos, scan qr code on personal desktop whatsapp, fill in profile details, and other types of activities in WhatsApp chat application,
  • Avoid sending spam messages  that are not desired by the recipient,
  • Make informed consent or request permission to the recipient of the message who state that they are willing to be sent messages via WhatsApp,
  • Avoid sending messages in more than 400 messages/hour and Day,
  • Avoid sending messages with words or sentences that are 100% identical to >20 numbers in same time. 
    Please use personalize such as Firstname, Last Name or Fullname.
    Spintext is very important.

Recommended Setup For Safe Sending

  • Use Spintax, Username Variable (If have customer name)
  • Old Number which you had good enough WhatsApp conversation through mobile itself 
  • Never use newly activated number for sending 


Has this happened to you already? Do not worry, follow these steps to reactivate your Phone number and solve WhatsApp Ban.

If you become banned, you’ll receive the following message from within WhatsApp: “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” WhatsApp will ban you if they believe you have violated the ethical guideline like sending spam messages. However, you will still be able to unban your WhatsApp account by following these steps.

    • Uninstall WhatsApp Application on your mobile phone
    • Now open the App Store and download the WhatsApp and re-install the WhatsApp newest version
    • Re-enter your mobile phone number and these following display will appear: 
  1. When you open the WhatsApp, you will see a message box with options, there click support.
  2. Now you will be redirected to the WhatsApp support page.
  3. Here you will find a number of options just click the last one “You question isn’t mentioned here”
  4. You see a mail compose page.

You can write a mail saying that “I did not know the ToS also the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me”. You can also try any other message based on your convenience.

Wait for 48 hours till then do not register your number on WhatsApp. After 48 hours try registering, there are good chances that your WhatsApp may be unlocked. 


FAQ and Helpdesk

FAQ and Helpdesk